October 10

WIP – The Wolf Siren

WIP Background

The Wolf Siren is a paranormal romance and was submitted under the Harlequin Nocturne line for the So You Think You Can Write 2014 Contest.  While I made the Top 25 out of more than 400 entries, I had to turn down the offer to submit my manuscript due to the fact it was incomplete and wouldn’t be complete by the turn-in deadline due to me being out of town for my day job.  It is my intent to finish the writing and do a first round of test reading and changes before submitting directly to their storyline since I was unable to complete the contest.


Pack leaders are being assassinated. Evangeline doesn’t give it much thought until she is critically injured in an attack.

Michael, a marine who hunted werewolves, has a friend and former teammate asking him to protect Evangeline while she heals. He can’t refuse. He owes him a debt.

Knowing she’s a werewolf, Michael struggles with being attracted to her. Evangeline won’t admit it, but after a day, she realizes he could be her mate.

Opposites attract. Tempers and passion flare. Can a relationship develop and survive the differences? Can they survive the Banished hunting them?

Read Chapter 1 here.