October 10

A Generic Welcome Message of Sorts

reading-book-by-candlelightSometime it’s easy for me to start a post, sometimes it’s not and this time, despite being an avid writer and author, I don’t have a good introduction, except for this.

Whew, intro out of the way.

This is my “author” site.  I was going to say I don’t have anything published yet, when I remembered I have been and that statement would be inaccurate.  So, I haven’t published a full-length novel – yet – but I have been published in several print anthologies and many newsletters where my name isn’t credited, but have been printed, as well as the websites I’ve written for and freelance writing I’ve done throughout the years.

It was suggested to me by a couple of friends and test readers that I should create an author page where I blog about writing as well as sharing some of my online writing here from time to time to help get my name out, so I’m doing just that.

Check back here for more posts on a semi-regular basis.

This post is a stickied post, so all new posts will appear below this.  If you are a new reader, welcome.  If you are a current follower and reader, check below for new posts.  ^_^

November 11

Bound to Blackwood Giveaway


The award nominated paranormal romance, Bound to Blackwood is celebrating it’s first birthday!

What does this mean for you? Well author, Sharon Lipman is offering you the chance to win a signed copy of the book, as well as some amazing House Blackwood swag! Read to the very end to find out more.

Think all vampires are the same? House Blackwood begs to differ!

bound-to-blackwood-book-coverAbout the book

Would you surrender your soul for the love of the King?

Lena, a vampire and a Guardian of the Order, has been honour-bound to protect human souls all her life. Acting first and thinking second is what’s saved her skin time and again in the war against the Fallen, but her disregard for orders soon catches up with her when her boss is seriously injured. Forced to take responsibility for her actions, Lena is thrust into the path of her very own kryptonite; Thorn. The raw power of his soul calls to her and his mere presence lights a fire within her that she cannot contain.

With Vampire magic waning and the race in crisis, can either of them afford to ignore Nature’s call? If they do, the future of the race is in jeopardy. If they don’t, they will both lose the most precious part of themselves. Their souls.

Want a copy right now? Bound to Blackwood is available free via Kindle Unlimited.

You might also like to read this blog post, explaining why the author chose to publish Bound to Blackwood in November.

Want to learn more about the characters? Take the quiz and discover which Bound to Blackwood character you are!

sharonAbout the author

A huge fan of the paranormal romance genre, Sharon Lipman started writing in her teens. It wasn’t until she was in her thirties that she found a story she was desperate to share. House Blackwood was born and Bound to Blackwood is her debut novel.

She was born in west London and grew up in leafy Surrey in south-east England. A lover of all things British, except the weather, she now lives in Almeria, southern Spain with her husband and an ever growing collection of dogs.

Keep in touch with the author
Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Website | Join the mailing list

Read an excerpt of the book below:

Thorn stepped out from the shadow of the Huguenot Protestant Church in Soho Square. The stench of Fallen hung heavy in the air, making the bile rise in his throat. But what made him nauseous was the delicate scent of Lena’s blood that rode the air with that of the Fallen.

Flashing across the small park, he found her.

His first thought was to go to her, but as he rushed towards her, he realised she wasn’t alone. Lena cradled the human to her as the air around them hummed and crackled. Thorn’s jaw went slack as the realisation of what he was seeing hit him.

The faint green glow of the human’s soul shifted and shimmered as Lena’s power forced it back, moulding it, shaping it. Binding it. The pale green shone more brightly as Lena worked, the air becoming more dense as the spring greens turned into a deep emerald.

Lena’s raven hair whipped across her face and her eyes glowed a vibrant sea-green as she forced the woman’s soul back to her body. A great roar echoed around the park, and for a moment, the air stood still before a blinding light made Thorn shield his eyes. And then it was gone.

Thorn heard the woman’s heartbeat kick-start as her soul found home again.

Lena released her vice-like grip on the woman and fell backwards. Thorn caught her before her head could hit the ground. She was ghostly pale as Thorn cradled her against his chest, her breathing shallow. The exertion of holding the human soul showed in the sheen of sweat across her brow, and Thorn winced at the bruising on her cheek bone.

“For the love of all that is holy, Lena! What the hell were you thinking?”

Lena’s black eyes fluttered open and stared up at him in disgust. Even injured, with her powers severely depleted, Lena’s contempt for him was tangible. “No one should hold dominion over another’s soul,” she spat back at him.

Thorn closed his eyes. So she knew. In that moment, he realised he’d convinced himself that she hadn’t really seen through him that night in her bedroom. That she’d just rejected him because she didn’t want him, even told himself that it would all be fine. The look on Lena’s face told him otherwise.

As if on cue, the delicious scent of her blood became overwhelming. Thorn gritted his teeth as exotic spices assaulted him. It was almost overpowering.

“You need to get away from me.”

The Giveaway

Sharon Lipman is giving away a signed copy of Bound to Blackwood, as well as some exclusive House Blackwood swag. To be in with a chance of winning, enter the Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

October 29

If I thought things were crazy in March…

1429208_25583604If I thought things were crazy in March, I was wrong. Dead wrong. At this time, I don’t really want to publicly discuss what is going on in my personal life, but suffice to say, when I do explain it in the future, many people will understand why the radio silence for so long. Those that know what is going on can tell you, you wouldn’t wish what I’m dealing with on anyone.

All that said, things have, for the interim, slowed down and is a little less crazy for the time being. I know the insanity will return soon enough in the future. I don’t look forward to it, but it is what it is.

Unfortunately, said previous insanity has stalled out The Wolf Siren but I do hope to finish it and start a few other projects in the next few months before the second round of insanity ensues.

As I write this, NaNoWriMo is a few days away. I wasn’t planning on participating, at least not originally, but my pesky muse has other things to say.  While I do have a project titled in there, I’ve got other projects I’m working on as well and with this NaNo, I’m counting every word of fiction written towards a project towards my NaNo Goal.  After all, the goal of NaNo is to try to get you to write every day (or as often as possible since we know life is a bitch).

Anne Saucer, (now everyone knows her as Mariana Campos, and I are still working on our future Think Happy Club books. As can be expected, things going on in my personal life affected that as well and haven’t moved as far forward as I had hoped (and I’m sure she hoped as well).  I am resuming work on those and hope to have something to her soon so we can publish a few new books still this year (might be far fetched plan, we’ll see). I also plan to self-publish a book of poetry I wrote years upon years ago (when I was still a teenager) hopefully by years end.

While I can’t promise to be posting more often or more regularly, I definitely will try. My writing has definitely fallen to the wayside and I need to bring more focus back to that.

Until next time….

March 21

First Update in Almost 5 Months

The only thing I can say, easily enough, is things got crazy. Very crazy.

The last post I made to this blog was Nov. 1, right when NaNoWriMo got started. I spent more of my time writing on my novel in November than I did writing for any blog I had (including this one, my social media blog and others). By the time December hit, my brain was fried and I was still working on my novel until work and being sick caught up with me.

12316498_10207558135221981_6610205390906462467_nHowever, I hit my goal in NaNo and I wanted to share that fun graphic with you here. I intended to do this two months ago when I realized I hadn’t posted in three months, but I got sidetracked every time I went to post.

Day 1 I started out with a little over 32,000 words. By the end of November I was exceeding 83,000 words, but the novel still isn’t completed. I expect it to be 95,000 words by the time I’m done (at least).

I didn’t write every day. Often times I had to write more in subsequent days to make up for the days I missed. I have excuses, sometimes valid excuses, for why I missed days (Thanksgiving and a retirement party being two of those valid excuses). Other times my brain was just mush and I couldn’t see where the novel was going. I got past that each time it happened, which helps, but I still haven’t gotten much further than the numbers above to finish the novel.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.31.31 AM

So the good news, five months after the fact, is that I won. YAY WINNING. The bad news is, I haven’t written on this project since then and I plan to tackle that problem in the next month.

So what have I been doing in the past five months? Well some of those answers will be coming in future blog posts this week and next, but it involves working on another Think Happy Club book – technically three books, two of which will be published later this year, one that will be published next year, being sick, starting a new project, starting another new project, starting a life change and more.

Which brings me to the point of this post – sort of (winning NaNo was one of the topics included here.

As my health affects a lot of what I do as a writer, I’m going to start creating blog posts about some of the things I’ve encountered as a Type 1 diabetic for 30+ years now. So in addition to writing posts, motivational posts and promotional posts, etc., you’ll also find blog posts on diabetes and how things are changing/affecting me.

Diabetes affects more than people realize and I think, as an author, it helps for readers to know more about me and what I am going through than to act like it doesn’t happen.

All that said, here’s to more regular posts in the future. And look forward to the cover reveal of our next book.

November 1

It’s November 1 and I have two questions…

reading-book-by-candlelightNovember 1 marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. I’ve been signed up for NaNoWriMo for the past 5 years, knew about it for even longer. Last year was the first year I really tried to participate and wish I hadn’t because I had unrealistic expectations of myself. Who was I kidding? There was no way I was going to be able to meet or exceed word count each day (or catch up) between packing up my apartment, cleaning the new house, moving into new house, unpacking, cleaning and finishing moving what remained from the old house, being sick and everything else during November. Hell, I didn’t even have access to my personal computers to write for almost two weeks – yet I thought I could do it so I could finish off The Wolf Siren. I was only a few thousand words into it, needed a lot more. I think I ended up with a little more than 15,000 added to it. I can’t remember.

Fast forward a year where I have been writing sporadically. My novel count looks like this:


Not too shabby, but I still have 52,000 words to go to complete this, edit it, then send it off to the publisher that has requested to see the finished version before I shop it out anywhere else.

While I know NaNoWriMo is for new ideas (and believe me I have a ton of them), I really want to get this novel finished first. If I have pauses in this one I may add to a new one in the same world/series, but I hope to really put this one to bed this month and then keep writing.

I see NaNoWriMo as a time to help me achieve my goals, even though I write all year long. It’s a nice go at solidarity and makes things go better.

Now, on to the questions I mentioned in the headline.

  1.  How the hell was July the last time I posted here?
    Well I know how…sort of. I just swore I had made posts here. I guess I had the intentions to and I forgot and I vow to get much better at posting here on a more regular basis than I have been. To start with that, I’ll be posting screenshots of writing progress, excerpts as well as some exercises.
  2. How the hell is it November already?
    Time sure has passed fast this year and it seems like it’s continuing to fly by. My birthday, which was August 1, seemed like only a few days ago, the beginning of October seemed even sooner and yet we just held a Halloween party and released the Think Happy Club Halloween Color Along in this month.

2015-10-30 13.06.22We have a lot in store for the holidays with Think Happy Club. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.
My writing partner – Deathly Treats- is telling me I should get to work. Now that I’ve got this blog post done, I should probably get to working on supper so I can work on my novel.  I still have stickers from last year to use for word count.  YAY stars!

July 23

Review: Character Interview with Kelly Blanchard

meeting-with-the-museA two part interview process, last week I reviewed the author interview Kelly had with me two weeks ago. This week I follow that up with a review of my character interview with her.

Much like the first interview, it’s much like writing a story together, except instead of her setting the scene for it, I set the scene of it, taking on the role of my previously un-named pseudo-antagonist. He’s sort of an antagonist but as the story goes, we’ll quickly learn he’s not the real antagonist – that wasn’t revealed to me until I did the interview with Kelly.

The character, named Marcus Diehl, is an entertainment lawyer who is also a werewolf. Marcus has been a thorn in my side for a while, not really telling me much about himself and I used this interview to help figure out the details by, literally, taking him on as a role and answering the questions she had as him.

In doing this, the character opened up and let me – and her – know a lot more about him than I had previously known.

Outside of the first chapter and preview of my book and me letting her know that he was the antagonist (sorta-antagonist), she knew relatively nothing about the character and this allowed her to ask questions that made me think and figure out the answers about him (or made him reveal them to me).  I’m often of the opinion that my characters write themselves – they often do – just sometimes they need outside help to make it happen.

I have to say I was very pleased with the interview and it has helped me move forward and add chapters into my book now that I know what is going on a bit better.

For examples of other character interviews, check these out:

My interview won’t be available until sometime in January.

Kelly is offering character interviews outside of these that she’s currently doing for $25 an hour of $50 for two hours. If you have a character that just isn’t talking to you, I suggest looking into her offer. It will be money well spent.

July 17

Review: Author Interview with Kelly Blanchard

A week ago I had the delightful opportunity to participate in one of Kelly Blanchard’s author interviews. This week, I’ll be participating in her character interview and while my interview with her is today, I still haven’t figured out which character she is going to interview from The Wolf Siren.

Even though my interview won’t be shared on her blog, Meeting with the Muse, until late in January 2016, I wanted to take a few moments to share my experience and encourage other authors who are looking to promote themselves to consider her services for both author interviews and character interviews. However, today I will just review her author interviews since the character interview hasn’t happened yet.

With the author interview, Kelly offered me an interesting opportunity: for me to be interviewed instead of me being the interviewer. In the course of my day job, I spend hours interviewing subjects for the various publications I write and then writing their articles. It is rare that I get to be interviewed and even rarer for me to talk about my love of writing. But this isn’t my first interview with Kelly either – she was on the receiving end when I interviewed her character, Lorrek, from her novel Someday I’ll Be Redeemed, so I had a bit of an idea of how things would go.

Interviews with Kelly are unique. Instead of the standard, boring Q&A format where the interviewer asks questions that get bolded in a story and the author replies, you, as the author, and Kelly write a story together. The interview is set in a fictional location where the author and Kelly interact and talk about the projects they are working on.

In many ways, this can be considered roleplaying – and with the character interviews it definitely is roleplaying because you are taking on the role of the character she is interviewing and writing what they would say and do.

Kelly interviewed me in the gardens of Cuskelom and Lorrek was the one who brought me into her world for the interview. We walked through the gardens and chatted not only about my history as a writer but also about my books, focusing on the book that I hope to finish first.  I don’t want to spoil the interview more than that, but I think many will be surprised about the things she asked me about and learning more about me.

I don’t think she knows I did this, but I did count the words I wrote with her for the interview – a little more than 1500 words in an hour interview. I’m guessing with her words it will be close to, or more than, 3,000 words.

If you are looking for a different, refreshing way to be interviewed, I strongly suggest seeking out Kelly Blanchard and Meeting with the Muse. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results of the interviews.

For some examples of her author interviews, check these out:

Note: I do believe she has interviews scheduled to be published through January or February now, so if you are interviewed it may be a few months down the road before your interview is published.

July 14

Discipline: AKA The Skill I Lack After Work

poetry-in-motionI write – a lot. And while I get a lot of work writing done at work, I tend to do other writing when I’m at home in sporadic bursts. The reason for the bursts – I suck at being disciplined.

I get home, I’m trying to relax. Play a little video game or watch a movie then come get in front of the computer.

Then there’s Facebook and instant messengers. Oh look I got a few new followers on Twitter. I should look and see how the posts are doing on my social media blog. And oh look someone replied to post(s) on Facebook.

The next thing I know, it’s 11 p.m. and I need to be heading to bed to start all over again.

I have been getting better at being disciplined by setting myself goals – whether it be one article or several articles a night to get done before I do something else. I also have weekly goals of articles for my websites. I failed, miserably, at those this weekend but I had other things going on this weekend to help with that, but I still got some of it done and other things accomplished not on the writing list (like a few more boxes of books unpacked and shelved.

Then writing on the novels – lately it feels like pulling teeth with them. Anytime I sit down and try to write other things (son, husband, phone) interrupt me and make me lose my train of thought.

So, all of that being said, what things do you do to keep yourself disciplined on your writing? Do you ever suffer from writing overload? How do you get past that to continue on your path?

Share your answers below!

July 12

Available Now: Think Happy Club: Friendship

THC_Friendship_ARC-coverThink Happy Club: Friendship is a hand drawn book focused on improving and changing things in our lives. Using cute characters and a light tone, Think Happy Club: Friendship will remind you of fun ways to keep friends as friends forever.

Think Happy Club is a book series created by Anne Saucer and Grace Snoke filled with inspirational images focused on improving or changing things in our lives. Think Happy Club: Friendship is the first in the series.

The book is currently available in print and ebook format via Amazon, found here: http://www.amazon.com/Think-Happy-Club-Anne-Saucer-ebook/dp/B010GEJ7W6/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1436740528&sr=1-1&keywords=Think+Happy+Club&pebp=1436740524416&perid=1QEWESMNG3SWPM6CN2Z6

It will be available from other locations at a later time – roughly 90 to 120 days from now.

June 26

It’s Happening! It’s Really Happening!

First – wow…it’s been three months since I posted (I’m not great at updating at times) and I wanted to post a bunch of stuff that went on during those three months, so I guess I need to make time to write and schedule posts for here to get that going so everyone knows what I’ve been up to the last three months.

This post is the first of those explanations, so let me start out with this.

Congratulations! Your interior and cover files for Think Happy Club: Friendship meet our technical requirements for printing.

We did it. Anne and I jumped off the proverbial deep end and decided to self-publish our illustrated book Think Happy Club: Friendship.

Think Happy Club: Friendship is a hand drawn book focused on improving and changing things in our lives. Using cute characters and a light tone, Think Happy Club: Friendship will remind you of fun ways to keep friends as friends forever.

Think Happy Club is a book series created by Anne Saucer and Grace Snoke filled with inspirational images focused on improving or changing things in our lives. Think Happy Club: Friendship is the first in the series.

Printed versions can be purchased here:

Ebooks versions can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/Think-Happy-Club-Friendship-1/dp/1514692899/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1435340241&sr=8-1&keywords=grace+snoke&pebp=1435340249341&perid=1Q6SBJK5PGRN6DRV6ZS9

If you want an advanced review copy and promise an HONEST review at various sites, please send me a private message via my Facebook page, found here.

March 13

7 Things You May/May Not Know About Me as a Writer

writers-dreamI was tagged by Laura Chapman to reveal 7 things you may not (or may) know about me as a writer.  Since she did this, I told her it would double as my blog post, so I am sharing it here too. This was a fun challenge to try and come up with seven things people don’t know about me:

  1. All of my current works-in-progress were generated by very vivid dreams that wouldn’t get out of my head until I wrote them.
  2. I write in several genres: fantasy, romance, paranormal romance, sci-fi and, most recently, comic/picture books. I have determined I cannot write historical fiction because I’m far too much of a history buff to write it.
  3. Most of my novels have the middle chapters written first and have chapters written here and there without a beginning in mind. Only two of my novels started out with the prologue and first few chapters written first.  Even here, the first few chapters were written then chapters down the road were written and other chapters I have yet to figure out where they go.
  4. I am not an out liner. I can’t imagine outlining a story that writes itself as it goes.  Thus, totally a pants-er.
  5. I have always been very shy about sharing my writing. Only in the last year have I started sharing my works in progress and competing in contests. This has helped me to become more confident and decide that I will find an agent and get published sooner rather than later.
  6. I tend to overthink when I can’t figure out how to connect the dots in a story. This often leads to chapters I trash and start over with and rewrite much better.
  7. I have a bunch of partial stories written because I had inspiration, but I have no idea where they’re going after the short story part of it is written.

Share your 7 things in the comments below!