March 21

First Update in Almost 5 Months

The only thing I can say, easily enough, is things got crazy. Very crazy.

The last post I made to this blog was Nov. 1, right when NaNoWriMo got started. I spent more of my time writing on my novel in November than I did writing for any blog I had (including this one, my social media blog and others). By the time December hit, my brain was fried and I was still working on my novel until work and being sick caught up with me.

12316498_10207558135221981_6610205390906462467_nHowever, I hit my goal in NaNo and I wanted to share that fun graphic with you here. I intended to do this two months ago when I realized I hadn’t posted in three months, but I got sidetracked every time I went to post.

Day 1 I started out with a little over 32,000 words. By the end of November I was exceeding 83,000 words, but the novel still isn’t completed. I expect it to be 95,000 words by the time I’m done (at least).

I didn’t write every day. Often times I had to write more in subsequent days to make up for the days I missed. I have excuses, sometimes valid excuses, for why I missed days (Thanksgiving and a retirement party being two of those valid excuses). Other times my brain was just mush and I couldn’t see where the novel was going. I got past that each time it happened, which helps, but I still haven’t gotten much further than the numbers above to finish the novel.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.31.31 AM

So the good news, five months after the fact, is that I won. YAY WINNING. The bad news is, I haven’t written on this project since then and I plan to tackle that problem in the next month.

So what have I been doing in the past five months? Well some of those answers will be coming in future blog posts this week and next, but it involves working on another Think Happy Club book – technically three books, two of which will be published later this year, one that will be published next year, being sick, starting a new project, starting another new project, starting a life change and more.

Which brings me to the point of this post – sort of (winning NaNo was one of the topics included here.

As my health affects a lot of what I do as a writer, I’m going to start creating blog posts about some of the things I’ve encountered as a Type 1 diabetic for 30+ years now. So in addition to writing posts, motivational posts and promotional posts, etc., you’ll also find blog posts on diabetes and how things are changing/affecting me.

Diabetes affects more than people realize and I think, as an author, it helps for readers to know more about me and what I am going through than to act like it doesn’t happen.

All that said, here’s to more regular posts in the future. And look forward to the cover reveal of our next book.

July 23

Review: Character Interview with Kelly Blanchard

meeting-with-the-museA two part interview process, last week I reviewed the author interview Kelly had with me two weeks ago. This week I follow that up with a review of my character interview with her.

Much like the first interview, it’s much like writing a story together, except instead of her setting the scene for it, I set the scene of it, taking on the role of my previously un-named pseudo-antagonist. He’s sort of an antagonist but as the story goes, we’ll quickly learn he’s not the real antagonist – that wasn’t revealed to me until I did the interview with Kelly.

The character, named Marcus Diehl, is an entertainment lawyer who is also a werewolf. Marcus has been a thorn in my side for a while, not really telling me much about himself and I used this interview to help figure out the details by, literally, taking him on as a role and answering the questions she had as him.

In doing this, the character opened up and let me – and her – know a lot more about him than I had previously known.

Outside of the first chapter and preview of my book and me letting her know that he was the antagonist (sorta-antagonist), she knew relatively nothing about the character and this allowed her to ask questions that made me think and figure out the answers about him (or made him reveal them to me).  I’m often of the opinion that my characters write themselves – they often do – just sometimes they need outside help to make it happen.

I have to say I was very pleased with the interview and it has helped me move forward and add chapters into my book now that I know what is going on a bit better.

For examples of other character interviews, check these out:

My interview won’t be available until sometime in January.

Kelly is offering character interviews outside of these that she’s currently doing for $25 an hour of $50 for two hours. If you have a character that just isn’t talking to you, I suggest looking into her offer. It will be money well spent.

July 17

Review: Author Interview with Kelly Blanchard

A week ago I had the delightful opportunity to participate in one of Kelly Blanchard’s author interviews. This week, I’ll be participating in her character interview and while my interview with her is today, I still haven’t figured out which character she is going to interview from The Wolf Siren.

Even though my interview won’t be shared on her blog, Meeting with the Muse, until late in January 2016, I wanted to take a few moments to share my experience and encourage other authors who are looking to promote themselves to consider her services for both author interviews and character interviews. However, today I will just review her author interviews since the character interview hasn’t happened yet.

With the author interview, Kelly offered me an interesting opportunity: for me to be interviewed instead of me being the interviewer. In the course of my day job, I spend hours interviewing subjects for the various publications I write and then writing their articles. It is rare that I get to be interviewed and even rarer for me to talk about my love of writing. But this isn’t my first interview with Kelly either – she was on the receiving end when I interviewed her character, Lorrek, from her novel Someday I’ll Be Redeemed, so I had a bit of an idea of how things would go.

Interviews with Kelly are unique. Instead of the standard, boring Q&A format where the interviewer asks questions that get bolded in a story and the author replies, you, as the author, and Kelly write a story together. The interview is set in a fictional location where the author and Kelly interact and talk about the projects they are working on.

In many ways, this can be considered roleplaying – and with the character interviews it definitely is roleplaying because you are taking on the role of the character she is interviewing and writing what they would say and do.

Kelly interviewed me in the gardens of Cuskelom and Lorrek was the one who brought me into her world for the interview. We walked through the gardens and chatted not only about my history as a writer but also about my books, focusing on the book that I hope to finish first.  I don’t want to spoil the interview more than that, but I think many will be surprised about the things she asked me about and learning more about me.

I don’t think she knows I did this, but I did count the words I wrote with her for the interview – a little more than 1500 words in an hour interview. I’m guessing with her words it will be close to, or more than, 3,000 words.

If you are looking for a different, refreshing way to be interviewed, I strongly suggest seeking out Kelly Blanchard and Meeting with the Muse. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results of the interviews.

For some examples of her author interviews, check these out:

Note: I do believe she has interviews scheduled to be published through January or February now, so if you are interviewed it may be a few months down the road before your interview is published.

March 11

Think Happy Club, #PitMad and Have I Lost It?

think-happy-club-all-of-usSo this morning as I was reading through my Facebook feed and Twitter feeds I kept seeing this tag: #PitMad and I had to find out more about it. Once I did, I knew neither of my manuscripts in fantasy or paranormal romance were ready to be pitched because they weren’t completed, but the other project we’ve been working on (that I haven’t talked about here) is, for the most part, finished.

That project is part of Think Happy Club. Think Happy Club is a series of picture books for teens, young adults and adults that provide tips and reminders on things we should know, but may take for granted.

So once we thought about it and chatted a bit about it, we realized that having an agent would be a good thing and might as well try. We wouldn’t get 16 tweets in, but the tweets we would do would have pictures and share a bit more about the books. And even if we don’t get an interested agent, at least people will be seeing what we’ve been working on.

Anne Saucer wrote a post about this as well, found here:  Anne is the illustrator of the book and does an amazing job. I’m the writer for everything and together we make a great team. Anne and I have known each other for more than six years.  We have several books lined up for this but the first is titled Think Happy Club: Friendship.  The books, including text, are illustrated by Anne on her tablet.

You can keep up on our posts about Think Happy Club by “Liking” our Facebook page:  Here Anne posts daily wishes which will appear in quarterly books we compile together.  The Think Happy Club Website and individual book pages will be built and updated down the road.

For now, thanks to everyone who has retweeted our tweets and supported us.

Want to support us on Twitter? Retweet either one of our posts – I have a few more so you can go to my Twitter page and retweet the ones you want.

Thanks for your support!

I will now  continue to question my sanity for jumping off into the deep end with #PitMad.