October 10


About Me

I’m a 34-year-old corporate journalist who enjoys the past times of gaming, reading, writing and jewelry making. My day job involves handling internal communication, maintaining websites  and writing a couple of quarterly newsletters for the same Fortune 500 company, and handling a plethora of tech issues as well as some of the company’s (who I am employed by) website and social media.

In addition, I write and am Director of Operations for Video Game Scoreboard, a website for video game high score verification as well as a scoreboard to keep track of high scores and attempts and live event verification services. We also post news, write reviews, cover events, do interviews and more.

I also write for several blogs and video-game fansites, which I solely maintain, as well as SciTechNerds.com, which is written by several folks.  To see all the sites I own/write for, please click here.

I also freelance a bunch of website and writing projects and am working on [redacted].  I promise [redacted] will change to the actual project once it becomes officials and all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

I’m a mother of one, a 15-year-old who shares an eerie addiction to gaming as well. I enjoy reading and reviewing books as a fun past time and don’t consider it a job, but rather a love for the written word.


What I’m working on…

I currently have three works-in-progress.  The one that I have decided to complete by end of year, come hell, high water or plagues, is The Wolf Siren.  The Wolf Siren is a paranormal romance and was submitted under the Harlequin Nocturne line for the So You Think You Can Write 2014 Contest.  While I made the Top 25 out of more than 400 entries, I had to turn down the offer to submit my manuscript due to the fact it was incomplete and wouldn’t be complete by the turn-in deadline due to me being out of town for my day job.  It is my intent to finish the writing and do a first round of test reading and changes before submitting directly to their storyline since I was unable to complete the contest.

You can find Chapter 1 here or on the So You Think You Can Write website here.

The other two works in progress are a little more secretive, though an excerpt (full of errors) is available.  The excerpt was written in 2009 as a scene that popped into my head and had to be written.  I’ve been writing on this piece and the other related novel simultaneously, which is why they are works in progress and while together they are further ahead than The Wolf Siren is, they are separate pieces, so in the end will be much longer.  These are part of a series of books.  I have a rough idea of how many there will be.

The series of books are titled “The Will and The Way” and will consist of individual stories before leading into an integrated set of stories towards the end, allowing any book in the first part of the series to be read in any order – at least that’s my goal.  This will be a fantasy book series.

The excerpt for the first books, titled The Will and The Way – Great Druids, can be found here.

Your moniker, Kayhynn,  sounds familiar, why is that?

Well, in addition to using Kayhynn as a moniker for forums, it has also been used for my characters in various games, including SWG, WoW and UO.  In the past, I was a staffer for Stratics, serving as the WoW News Manager, PotBS Managing Editor, PR Coordinator and various other positions. I have also worked (or in many cases volunteered) for various other gaming sites through out the years. I maintain a number of websites as well, including UOHomeDecor.com.

I am also one of the lead administrator for LFGforums and BFEforums. My nickname pops up in many locations.

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