October 29

If I thought things were crazy in March…

1429208_25583604If I thought things were crazy in March, I was wrong. Dead wrong. At this time, I don’t really want to publicly discuss what is going on in my personal life, but suffice to say, when I do explain it in the future, many people will understand why the radio silence for so long. Those that know what is going on can tell you, you wouldn’t wish what I’m dealing with on anyone.

All that said, things have, for the interim, slowed down and is a little less crazy for the time being. I know the insanity will return soon enough in the future. I don’t look forward to it, but it is what it is.

Unfortunately, said previous insanity has stalled out The Wolf Siren but I do hope to finish it and start a few other projects in the next few months before the second round of insanity ensues.

As I write this, NaNoWriMo is a few days away. I wasn’t planning on participating, at least not originally, but my pesky muse has other things to say.  While I do have a project titled in there, I’ve got other projects I’m working on as well and with this NaNo, I’m counting every word of fiction written towards a project towards my NaNo Goal.  After all, the goal of NaNo is to try to get you to write every day (or as often as possible since we know life is a bitch).

Anne Saucer, (now everyone knows her as Mariana Campos, and I are still working on our future Think Happy Club books. As can be expected, things going on in my personal life affected that as well and haven’t moved as far forward as I had hoped (and I’m sure she hoped as well).  I am resuming work on those and hope to have something to her soon so we can publish a few new books still this year (might be far fetched plan, we’ll see). I also plan to self-publish a book of poetry I wrote years upon years ago (when I was still a teenager) hopefully by years end.

While I can’t promise to be posting more often or more regularly, I definitely will try. My writing has definitely fallen to the wayside and I need to bring more focus back to that.

Until next time….